“Found that by proper planning and scheduling I could keep people working when unforeseen events altered our schedule.”

“The Better SuperVision course was an eye opener for myself. I learned to use other’s ideas and opinions to make better decisions.”

“In an industry short on experience this course will give you the tools to do your job effectively and professionally.”

"The sky is the limit for safety, quality, and productivity. That is the value of Better SuperVision. Having better awareness of planning techniques, dealing quickly with disagreements, and always improving work processes to achieve goals that are being set by our customers."

"Thank you for the tools to make my job easier and more enjoyable."

"I am very proud of being a graduate of your program."

"The Better SuperVision course has very good instructors who in my opinion were very good at motivating us."

"I recommend it. It teaches a person how to get the best out of people who work for you."

"I have learned how to really assist my crew in allowing them to complete their work by being prepared and removing obstacles before they became problems. I have had great improvement in productivity."

"I am very proud of being a graduate of your program."


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