Set a Goal to Become ICCS Certified

Becoming Industrial Construction Crew Supervisor (ICCS) certified by Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training (AAIT) is an important career step for a Front Line Leader working in the industrial construction or plant maintenance industries in Alberta.

There are lots of reasons for a front-line leader to achieve this certification:

  • Holding this certification demonstrates a clear understanding of the competencies that are required to be successful.
  • A number of building trades collective agreements in Alberta provide for a wage premium to supervisors who hold this certification. Check your Collective Agreement to see if this ICCS premium applies to you.
  • Shows to employers and owners in our industry that you have a desire for self-improvement and want to help achieve the safety and productivity goals necessary to be competitive.
  • Improves your opportunities for career advancement and employment that is important to you.

Better SuperVision is one of the training programs that is accepted by AAIT as part of the qualification process for obtaining this certification.

For more information about this certification and how to obtain it please head to the AAIT Website.


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